A Complete Sealing Solution For Vials & Injectables

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High End Solutions

Delivering Customized High End solutions for Pharma Packaging

Clean and Superior Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing processes are carried out in clean and controlled environment which guarantees the integrity of our product.


We have tried to automate majority of our operations to remove human error, increases consistency in quality and increase productivity.

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  • 100% No sharp-edge formation after removal of Plastic Disc
  • Controlled Opening Force for Doctors and Nurses
  • Specially designed for exporting products to Regulatory market like USA, Europe etc
  • Very less rejections due to seals = Higher Yield = Higher Profit
  • 20mm EasyToOpen Seals
  • 13mm EasyToOpen Seals

Why Us?

  • ISO 9001 : 2015 & GMP Certified Facility
  • DMF filed with US FDA [DMF File no. 032134]
  • Clean Room Panelling & Air Handling Units
  • PU Epoxy Coating over Entire Plant Flooring
  • The best quality as per international standards at very competitive price